Movie Quotes from Eight Legged Freaks: Quotes from the movie Eight Legged Freaks

(Chris and Harlan are in the roof.Suddenly alots of spiders come right them.Harlan try to get them back, and Chris try to call help
soon as possible)
Woman voice in the phone:You call emergy call.
Chris.Yes, my name is Chris McCormick,and we need help, our town
has been attacked by giant spiders!Look, I know how this sound, butt you have to belive me!
Woman voice in the phone:This is joke phone
Chris: Dont hang up me lady,please.No,please,no!

(Chris,Sam,Ashley,Harlan,Mike and Sheriff drive away off spiders)
Harlan:No,you not gonna tell me,i told you that that thing back there
is not from the earth!
Chris:ALLRIGHT!They are spiders from mars,are you now happy?

1) What is it?? 2) Spider man

1/_Giant spiders??! What the hell kinda bullshit is that?
2/_Space aliens you believe, THIS you have a hard time with?!!

1/_What exactly is that?
2/_Spider, man!

1/_What’s that?
2/_I think it’s an exoskeleton of a male orb-weaver’s pedipalps

1/_What’s that?
2/_It’s my media-induced paranoid delusional nightmare

1: What exactly is that? 2: That’s spider, man!

A man in a flea circus don’t wanna itch…. but he still does

Ashley Parker: Mom! I am not you, I’m not gonna get pregnant at 16, I’m not gonna stay here for the rest of my life and be a trailer trash sheriff!
Sheriff Sam Parker: Thanks for the flash back. I really didn’t deserve that!

Harlan: And that my friends is the story of how aliens attacked our sleepy little town. And to this day, people refuse to believe the truth about what happened. They would lead you to believe that I would embellish this story, that I would make it up, but we know the truth. Oh yeah, uh, two, two things I forgot to tell you. One, they never did get that probe near me. And two, as far as Chris McCormick, reopening the gold mines and putting everyone back to work… Well that my friends, is another story altogether.

Keep talking buddy… say something that has caffiene in it

This is a town meeting, not the WWF!

[From the Trailer] Do you hate spiders? Do you really hate spiders?
Well guess what??? ….. They don’t like you either!

[Tagline] Let the squashing begin!

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