Movie Quotes from EdTV: Quotes from the movie EdTV

#1 Well this is quite the shit hole isn’t it? #2 It could be if you fixed it up.

#1 What’d I miss. #2 He’s checking out his own arse.

#1 You’re in show business? #2 Yeah, ….. I’m in video servicing.

(1) One more word out of you, Cynthia, and you’re fired.
(2) Oh, and which word would that be? Asshole? Shithead?

1) I never intended to marry him 2) Why not? 1) Well for one thing, he’s a bad lay. I man bad BLECHH

And all that boy did was hurt that little girl’s pussy

For the love of sweet jesus christ.

Get your raggedy little Steven Seigal lovin arses outta here.

God damn we are GO for sex people.

He’s, uh, checking out his own ass.

Honestly, I try not to go to the bathroom until Ed goes to the bathroom.

I just kissed my boyfriends brother on television. How is that OK?

I’m like a love coroner.

I’m only gonna say this once, because talking this way is really hurting my throat

Look, Ed, you put anybody on television sixteen hours a day, and sooner or later they’re going to fall off a table and land on a cat.

My father? Well, when I was 12 my Mum had a hysterectimy and he ran off with her nurse. That’s my Dad, Ray Pekurny.

Of course I stopped payment on the plugs, you gave me doll hair!

So, will you be my Zamboni date?

That was Whittaker on the phone. I’m going to have to scrub my arse cause he’s on his way over to kiss it.

The mother is too good at it The stepdad can’t do it, both brother’s stink at it, the dad can do it but it killed him. how does this family reproduce?!

We don’t even have money in our budget for coffee filters. We’re using a yarmulke!

Yeah I gotta dream. I just don’t know what it is yet.

You considered famous for being special, but now you are considered fpecial merely for being famous

You know, most people like to hurry through a toe clipping session.

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