Movie Quotes from Eddie and the Cruisers: Quotes from the movie Eddie and the Cruisers

–I wanna do somethin’ nobody’s ever done before…somethin’ great.
–We ain’t great. We’re just some guys from Jersey.

1. See, my way, with a cesarian. 2. A what?

Guys like you and me, they strike oil under our gardens and all we get in dead tomatos.

Hey man you got some fine college here, all the advantages, you got ivory walls,—-and you got ***Name*** with the nasty stuff, when you get down to the music and they’re hanging tough, grab a woman, don’t mention your name coz after tonight she’ll never be the same. when the lights go out and the clock winds down gonna find me a woman and go down town, no hand holding baby, who’ll nip and tuck I want a girl off the street who knows how to ****.

Hey man, you got some fine college here, all the advantages: ivory walls, lecture halls, full dress balls, and you got the Cruisers for the nasty stuff.

Hey man, you got some fine college here. All the advantages: ivory walls, lecture halls, full dress balls, and you got the cruisers for the nasty stuff!

Him: You’re good enough to be here. Her: You mean I’m good enough for you. That’s it, isn’t it. Him: Sometimes I think you’re too good. Her: How do you know I’m not?

I want to be remembered for the music or not at all.

I won’t shortcut the music!

If we can’t be great, then there’s no point in ever playing music again.

lets get on with the music

Lose a beat… Miss a step?! What are you a moron or something?

P1: Oh, I can’t do it.
P2: Come on, it’s easy, it’s like…gettin laid or ridin a bike!

The dark side’s comin now nothin is real. She’ll never know just how I feel. From out of the shadow she walks like a dream, make me feel crazy make me feel so mean. Ain’t nothin gonna save me from a love that’s blind, slip through to darkside and cross that line- on the dark side.

What I want is songs that echo. The stuff we’re doing now is like somebody’s bedsheets; spread ’em out, soil ’em, ship ’em out to laundry, you know? But our songs…I want us to be able to fold ourselves up in them forever…understand? That’s the most you’ll ever get out of me Wordman. Ever.

What we’re doing it’s’s like someone’s bedsheets. You sleep in em, soil em, and ship em off to laundry, you know? What I want is something you can wrap yourself up in forever. We need each other man, words and music, words and music…

woah woah tender years won’t you wash away my tears how I wish you were near, please don’t go tender years.

Wordman, we need eachother.

Words and music, man- they need each other.

Words and music.

Words and music…

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