Movie Quotes from Easy Money: Quotes from the movie Easy Money

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Hey Belinda, you want some of my home fries, I can’t finish my home fries.

Hey leave him alone thats my friend. O yea who are you. Who am I… Im the guy who put the toilets in this dump. Yea now i know why this place smells like shit.

I am so bad I should be in detention.

I know what you’re tryin’ to do. Go ahead, get outta here you half a sissy before I give you a slap.

I wanna lick the bride!!!

I’m going to Hawaii. I’m going to Hawaii….I’m not going to Hawaii!

It’s The Regular Guy Look!!!

Julio: I brought a book.
Allison Capuletti: A book?
Julio: El Joy De Sexo.
Allison Capuletti: It’s in Spanish.
Julio: I’m gonna translate. It has a very happy ending. You’re gonna love it.

Julio: Who, who in here?

Julio:i want my wife back
montey:she’ll come back when shes ready
Montey: give her a few drinks, thats how i got her mother ready

Julio:I’m so bad I belong in dention

Julio:If You Are So Smart Then You Talk To Her.
Hedge,Allison Capulette.
Allison,The Hedge Has A Few Words To Say To You.
Hedge:I Don’t Know What To Say!?

Men wear clothes… Women have style

Monty: Why are you talking about drugs? I’ve got my 12 year old daugher here? Neighbor: Oh, already got a connection in the family, no problem.

My mother-in-law,for years I would never kiss her face,then I wound up kissing her ass!!

Nicky you have a sick sense of humor you laugh at everything weather reports.

O dont start Monty. Dont start it neva ended.

One more word outta you, and he gets it.

Rose’s Mom: No offense? You’re an offense!
Monty: Yeah, well you were the inspiration for twin beds!

Shut up you half a sissy before I give you a slap.

So which one of of do you like?

Someones gotta shut him up please SOMEBODY SHUT THE FAT BASTARD UP!!!!

Tell her to come down. Prove to her you’re the man.
Come down! I’m the man!

Think of me ya bum!!!

We’re browsing

Whats that. Thats nothin thats nothin Bobby Bunny just dropped a few carrots.

Where’d they find you two? Noah’s Ark?

yea and we dont want a dime from you, NO OFFENSE

yea well i started out a baby and became a baby photographer.

You were the inspiration for twin beds.

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