Movie Quotes from Drowning Pool, The: Quotes from the movie Drowning Pool, The

–How do you do, Mr. Harper?
–Oh, sometimes I do better than others.

–I ran a check on you, Mr. Harper. You are not stupid.
–I have my moments.

–It’s quite a zoo you got here. Do you think you could introduce me to the head keeper?–Right on. Come on.

–Now you take the oil business, my business. It’s never any fun to drill straight down. I’m a slant-driller by instinct.–Are you slant-drilling me?

–You wanna live, don’t you? To a rip old age?
–I’d hate to think that I was making those Social Security payments
for nothing.

Energy sources just aren’t that easy to come by.

I got no idea what justice is. I am interested in truth, though.

Killing me softly with his song.


The abolition of slavery was a mild agitation for them.

Where do I find this Reavis fella?

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