Movie Quotes from Driven: Quotes from the movie Driven

(1)This is my life (2)This is not your life!! this is what you do for a living (1)For right now this is my life. (2)Then what am I? (1)A distraction

–Hi, I’m Sophia.
–That’s your problem.

–My mind has to be out there. Not in here. So right now, this is my
–So what am I? What am I?
–A distraction.

–This is my life.
–This is not your life! This is what you do for a living.

–What about the fear?
–It’s gone.
–The fear is never gone.

Carl Henry: What about the fear?
Joe Tanto: It’s gone.
Carl Henry: The fear is never gone.

Are you okay, Jimmy?

Channel through me. I channel well.

everybody falls down it’s all about how fast you get back up.

GILR)I have a bet that I can kiss all the drivers. BEAU) Ok (motions her to kiss him/covers her mouth with his hand) You just lost.

I got will and I got fate.

I think it’s will over skill.

I want you to pit.

Jimmy, Just drive ’cause you love it, drive for pure victory

Memo is out. You’re in.

Remember get you thiking about him not the other way around


thats it jimmy drive because you love it drive for pure victory

Very good strategy, Carl…Thank you.


When you stop caring what other people think is when you drive better…

You better buckle up becuase it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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