Movie Quotes from Dream a Little Dream: Quotes from the movie Dream a Little Dream

(1)bobby, what was that ‘heh’ sound?
(2)’heh’ that’s the way I laugh, you know, ‘heh’
(1)’heh’, what the hell is ‘heh’? why can’t you laugh like a man?

(BOBBY) Can you do me a favour? When you dream tonight, remeber it, for me?

1.) at least your mom didn’t run over your leg with her volvo. Bobby, mine did right?
2.) Yeah well my mom doesn’t go into spazticated seisurez every once and again.
3.) That’s Rude Mr.

All you need is love…John Lennon 1969…isn’t that annoying.

And they gave each other a wink and a smile… (does anyone know the rest from Coleman’s note on the blackboard?)

And they gave eachother a smile with a future in it

Are you crazy? She’s Joel’s girl. Hello? Joel? Asshole? Joel.

Bobby: fuck you, and the horse you rode in on.
Old Guy: that’s not a horse, it’s a sheep!
Bobby: a sheep?! this is your sick dream pal.

dinger–yeah, well, at least your mom didn’t run over your leg in her volvo, right? Mine did…bobby–yeah, but see, my mom doesn’t go into spasticated siezures every once and again…dinger–that’s rude mister.

Don’t call me Pops!

Faith is not something you find.It something you have.

Faith isn’t something you find, it’s something you have.

he…what the hell is he?

Hello Honey!

i can only limp so fast…
yeah, well, your mom broke your leg. you deal with it…
oh, oh, that hurt: raggin on my madre…

I should be sitting on a beach somewhere,sipping a pina colata and looking at beautiful women.(closes eyes) Hello honey!

I’m gonna tear your playhouse down – Paul Williams… That was before your time.

It’s working. I can feel it.

Joel, Joel, Psycho Joel. Joel’s gonna kill me. Joel’s gonna walk in here and kill both of us at the same time!

Joel: Just two hits. I hit you. You hit the floor.

L: Look it’s not what you think, ever since the accident… J: Hey! There are no accidents. Is that why you’re being so frigid, huh? You owe me… (runs finger down L’s chest) L: (Pushes hand away) Stop it, Joel. J: Hey, fuck you! Or can’t I even say it? L: You know what Joel, it just hit me, it had nothing to do with Bobby, it was you…what you wanted, you don’t give a shit about me. Wise you, and I want out. J: (Grabs L’s arm) You know god damned well you’re mine. L: Just get off (J throws L down on the floor)

Lainie Diamond: I feel so safe with you.

Lainie Diamond: It smells like old people in here.

Lala Sloatman: Go Morrie! Go Morrie!

Naw, I’d rather jack off. And YOU are gonna look great for that dance!

No milk, no cookies, no nothing!!

Shut up, Dinger!

Thank you for a frightening, confusing, strange and dangerous time, what more could a girl ask for.

There’s some home movies downstairs, watch em, learn how to speak like a normal person, I don’t talk like that. Oh also some mousse, there’s some mousse in the bathroom, you gotta do somethin with my hair my hair looks like shit, I never have my hair look like shit, there gonna know somethin’s up alright somethin’s weird here. Oh one last thing…Wake up.

They gave each other a smile with a future in it

why am i running? i have…a broken…leg

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