Movie Quotes from Double Take: Quotes from the movie Double Take

1) You play golf right?
2) No man how ’bout you come down here and show me.
1) Well here’s a little lesson from Tiger FORE!

A fat woman wanna be skinny. A midget wanna be tall, and you wanna be white

after your done with us down-trotten’, hood- recipients you wanna kick us to the curb, throw us to the wolves like some naked sheep. 2. what the hell do naked sheep have to do with ghetto recipients freddy?

Ain’t that right Delores? *dog growls* Iiiiin bitch.

Betrayal, ain’t it a bitch?

Daryl: C.A., you piece of shit. You were like a father to me.
Charles: Well you’re still like a son to me, Daryl.
Daryl: C.A….shut up.

Dear S.W.A.T Team, It’s me Freddy. Send help soon. Signed, Rouge

dont patronize me man

get on, or get spit on

Hey ‘esse’, it’s hotter than a Mexican ho house on nickel night with a five dollar rebate I hear.

hey hey hey aint no ned for all this shit..hey hows ya momma ..we went out

hey what is your problem, there aint gona be any rodney kings goin on

hotter than a ho’ house on nickle night with 5 dolla rebate i hear. handcuff a ho when i nigga like me step up in tha placcceee

How do you expect to run a succesful business when you don’t supply and schlitz malt liquor?? You ain’t representing..You ain’t keepin’ it real!

How’s ur moma,we went out

I will roll you like a philly blunt, and smoke yo’ bitch ass!

I’ll roll you up like a philly blunt and smoke yo’ ass!!

If you keep campaignin’ for this ass woopin’ then you’re gonna get elected.

if you wanna live get in the car u wana die get in the car.

im freddy tiffany, internationally know i might add

im onna have the bird burnt to a crisp, then i onna need u to spit on that witha little bit a that hot tabaskie and im onna wash all that down wit a forty dog of shlitz malt liquor

is that why we on our way to …mexico? i happen to know mexico like the back of my hand..i am internationally known u know. ive done mischief everywhere. brazil,puerto rico, colombia ,all them mexican countries.

Lemme ask you a question, where them big booty Mexican bitches be hangin’ out, you know what I’m sayin’.

man id shure like to wax her draws

Man, you got the NYPD shoot-a-brother-45-times on your _____! No wonder your nervous.

MANNN! You got the NYPD shoot-a-brother-45-times on YOUR ass!

No Schlitz Malt Licka? No…Schlitz…Malt…Licka? Why you ain’t got some shit? How you gonna run a successful business when you ain’t go no Schlitz Malt Licka?! You ain’t keepin’ it reaaaaal! You ain’t REPreSENTin’! What’chu doin’ up in here boy…uh uh…shit?!

no Schlitz malt liquor!! How can you run a succesful buis-ness if you all out of Liquor, you anit keepin it reallll.

People in hell need iced water, a fat woman wanna be skinny, a midget wanna be tall. You wanna be white.

prince of bel air lookin mon

Shit! It’s Mother’s Cookies! Shit! It’s Mother’s DAMN Cookies!

That’s aright. I can just throuw a bullet at ya!

That’s internationally KNOWN Fred Tiffany FOOL!!

thats all right i can throw a bullet at ya. hey hey dont u move !

There’s a first time for everything!!!!

theres a firts time for…EVERYTHANG

this is how we used to do it in the BURAAAAU

u just a big rouge

What is up with yo’ eyes, g? Oh I get it, that way you can scope on her without pissin’ her off.

What it is jive turkey?

What up bitch? What’s an uptown nigga like yoself doin down here with all us commonfolk?

What up! What’s an uptown nigga like yoself doin down here with all us COMMON folk?!

yo bitch, whad up? what an uptown nigga like yourself doing down here with us common folks. I mean a BITCH like YOU odda be in a limo, G-9, G-5, u know that kinda shit. Eva been to the big apple? it’s like the 19th century.. it’s ova, it’s ova baby.

YO BITHC WHAT UP, whats an uptown nigga like yourself doin down here wit uas common folk, figure bitch like you in a limo, g5 g9, you know that kinda shit, you know me and the big apple baby, its like the 1900’s over baby its over

You ain’t keepin’ it real, you ain’t representin’!!!!!

You got everybody after you. You’ve the FBI, NBC, UPN, You Picka Nigga.

you know u one rude negroid

You know you’re like a piece of feces with peanuts, a pain in my ass

You like a piece of fecies with peanuts, a pain in my ass.

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