Movie Quotes from Double Impact: Quotes from the movie Double Impact

(Boater guy comes out of the room behind Chad, who’s carrying a box of Congac)

Boater – Hoo dah hell ah YOO?

Chad – Uhh.. Alex… here’s the case of congac for Mr. Zhang…

Boater – …Alex?

Chad – Yah… box of Congac from (unnecessarily flicks the box) Marselle

(Bolo Young gets up after being knocked down)
Bolo – *Screams like a cat* AhHhhHhHHH!!!

(Chad gets out of the taxi and finds a good spot on the wall to kick it at. Boaters walk up to him)
Boater – Ding Dang Dong WaHhHh… Dong Dong JackEt *tugs jacket*… StUnning JackEt!

(Chad walks into Uncle Frankies office)

Chad – Hong Kong? Uncle Frakie…We can’t cut 2 weeks in Hong Kong…We got a business to run! (pointing whole left arm out the of the frame)

Uncle Franke – You’ve got another business in Hong Kong that’ll make this thing look like a fucking dog pound!

Chad – Another business in Hong Kong.. Uncle Frankie–

Uncle Frankie – And another thing, I’m not your uncle

Chad – (smiles like it doesn’t matter)You’re not my uncle…. So suddenly after twenty-five yeears, you’re telling, you’re not my uncle?

(Girl on her back)
Chad – So sorry… maybe you should relax now… slowly.. close your legs… *smiles gayly* beautiful… you’re doing well… *stands up* you know… stretching is sooo important… Because of my big legs… and karate *kicks unneccesarily*… I can do the splits *does the splits* NoOoOO PrObLeM… *rocks back and forth*

(Hot Girl Walks up)
Danielle – Very nice…
Chad – *Smiles like a fruit and nods his head* Thank You!

(In the ma-jong parlor, after boater puts money in Chad’s hand)

(Frankie whistles to himself)

Uncle Frankie – What’d he give you?

Chad – Cash money I love Hong Kong!

(Uncle Frankie, Chad and Alex show up at the island hotel)

Uncle Frankie- FAN-TAS-TIC! (adjusts broken billed hat twice)

**Playing fake drums** Bam Bap Ba Du Pap! Hey Frankie Check it out!! **Pointing at nothing special**

*FIRST QUOTE OF THIS SUCKED*Alex – Look like me? You of all people should know I never in my life wear black silk underwear!Chad – WATE WATE WATE Alex – Look at it… a FAGGOT!

*In the hotel, Chad walks up to Uncle Frankie and does an extended kick to the face and yells* Djimshwa!

Alex – Nice going!

Chad – Nice going? Nice Going my ass! I almost got Killed! And by the way… *GAYLY* the cops are still chasing us.

Alex – Trust me!

Chad – *Moves lips like he’s talking*

Alex it was griffith.
I swear to god.

And I could have taken them all, except for this one ugly mutha fucka with a scar on his face…..(recognition from uncle franky)

Big Kiss? I’ll give him a big kick in the ass! …………..Uhhhh… I love you

Cash, money, I love Hong Kong!!!

Chad – Any more surprises like…i own a…grocery store…in Zimbabwe?! **Smiles like he really has a grocery store**

Driver! How long? Hotel…How long? **Pointing at watch**

Driver, hotel, hotel

Frankie you want to stay here….beautiful. Me? I’m going back to the ho-tel, i’ll take a shower…shave…so nice…

Frankie, you want to stay here…beautiful. Me? I’m going back to the ho-tel…i’m gonna take a shower…shave…so nice! **Waves hand under chin**

Franky, I am going to go back to the hotel, im gonna shower, shave, it will be so nice

Got any more surprises?
Big Surprise…Huge Surprise

GRIFFITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( DROPS LARGE OBJECT)

He had two sons, chad and alexth

I hear all kinds of bullshit every day pal… You want some advice? Take your fancy clothes *POINTS TWICE* and your black silk anderwear… and go back to *WAVES RIGHT HAND* Disneyland.

I was searched by a security person

Man: Are you the ballet teacha? Chad: hehe yea i’m dancing…

Some Guy wearing a purple outfit – *Thick ass australian accent* Are you the ballet teacher?Chad – Yah I’m dansing… *Looks around* Cahn you show me juan op your speshal kicks?The Guy – You wanna see one of mah kicks?Chad – YaH! *The guy kicks and Van Damme counters and takes two unneccesary hops forward*

Take your black silk underwear, get on a bus, and go back to Disney-Land.

These were our PAYRENTS!

We’re going to Hong Kong. *Flash Philippine Airlines*

Were supposed to be fightin’ the Zangs not each other!!!!!.

What’s it supposed to do? Make my dick bigger?

Why, because he looks like me? I’m gonna change dat.

You should know that I would never wear black, silk underwear.

You wanna see one a ma kicks? Yeah?

You’re not my uncle…. So suddenly after twenty-five years… you’re telling me… you’re not my uncle.

You’re on and island on the other side of the fucking ocean!
I’ll swim, I’ll swim.

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