Movie Quotes from Donnie Brasco: Quotes from the movie Donnie Brasco

1- It’s a fugazi 2-A fugazi? 1- Yeah a fugazi…a fake 2-I know what a fugazi is 1-Yeah well you go ahead and sell it if you wanna look like a dumski 2-Are you tellin’ me what I’m gonna do? Sit down there!

1) I’ll make a bet with ya’s. I’ll bet you’s $10 that you can’t get through this whole meal without saying three words. all right? 2) you lose. 1) what’d she say? (no response). what’d she say? (no response).

1) Its a fogazie. 2) whats a fogazie 1) your diamond is a fogazie

1)Joe? Joe Pistone? 2)What the fuck? (punches man #1 out) 3)Hey hey,what are you doing? 2)He grabbed my cock! 4)(to man #1)He’s working, keep your mouth shut! 2)What a sick degenerate fuck, grabbed my cock.

1)Punch of salt. 2)Punch? 1)Punch, Punch of salt. 2)Punch or pinch? 1)Punch, what did I say, pinch? 2)No, you said punch. 1)Sometimes you make no fuckin sense Donnie.

1. u must take off your shoes. 2. r u kidding me? take off ur pants…. what the fucks that?

Dance with me.

donnie are you trying to give me cancer with that draft?

Donnie in our thing, you get sent for, you go in alive, and you come out dead….. and its your best freind that does it.

Drivin a Lincolns like drivin a fuckin waterbed

Even a dog gets a warm piece of the sidewalk.

forget about it

Have Yourself A Very Little Christmas.

he you dont walk out on me, i walk out on you

Hey Sonny my old man was in the war and because of them I had to grow up in a fuckin orphanige, I’m not takin off my shoes for that jap bastard.

How deep is your love?

i ain’t hidin from nothin

I dont know….how the fuck you knew that ring was a fogazie

I like men and im a fuckings faggot

I would never call you a rat. I’m your best friend.

In all 5 burrows, I’m known .. forget about it

Just so you know…

Mah Kids, Mah Family, Mah Mother..can walk with her head up high in any fucking block in this in which she want’s to…In all of the five boroughts I’m known. ForgetAboutIt, I’m known all over this fucking country. You ask, ANYONE for Lefty Two Guns from Malburry Street, and the’ll know. You pissing in the wrong tree mah Friend!!.

My mother is know in all five burroughs.

Nothin’ but nothin’ but right

Rub my back, vaba fungul


shuttup annette

Sometimes forget about it just means forget about it.

the army…aint nuthin like the army. in the army, some guy you dont know…sends you out to whack some other guy you dont know.

thirty years bustin’ my hump, what do I get? Even a dog gets a warm piece of sidewalk.

This is Donnie, he’s a friend of mine.

What are you gonna do, take a left off the fucking bridge?

What does forgetaboutit mean??

What’s ‘forget about it’?

Without Trust, There Could Never Be Betrayal

wize guy dont carry wallets, they carry their money in a roll….beaner on the outs

you call me joe again, I’ll cut your fucking throat, you piece of shit.

You dont leave me…I leave you…

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