Movie Quotes from Domestic Disturbance: Quotes from the movie Domestic Disturbance

#1 I’ll make a deal with you I’ll go to your mom’s wedding if you go. #2 Ok deal #1 Good we can sit in the back and make fun of them together.

–You may not know me, but you do know Danny.
–Oh, I know. He lies. He lies to just about everybody. But you know what?
–He doesn’t lie to me.

I’m not afraid of you,Rick
I Do’nt give a shit what you think Danny!!!! Danny stands up to his Abusive stepfather played by Vince Vaughn.

You’re lucky it was just me who figured it. Otherwise you would have had all three of us for wedding guests.

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Domestic Disturbance’: Quotes from the movie ‘Domestic Disturbance’

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