Movie Quotes from Dogfight: Quotes from the movie Dogfight

But it’s still all bull shit.
-And we’re in it up to our goddamn lips, buddy.

I don’t know what this asshole wants – I’ll have a fuckin beer

My name’s Buel, but people call me Oakie…You can call me Oakie… If you want to…

Oh, that’s just what we call ourselves, you see. I’m a United States Marine. It’s okay if we say it but if a squid says it – ya know a sailor – then it’s fist city! But it’s alright if, er, a woman says it, especially if she can sing as good as you can.

So he called me up and said – Gums you wanna make $50.00

Waiter: Are you ready to order?

Rose: Yes, goddammit. I’m going to have the fucking poached salmon, with the son-of-a-bitching rice, and a dirty bastard salad with a shitload of Roquefort dressing. Thank you. And um, who knows what this asshole wants.

Eddie Birdlace: Uh, I’ll just take a fucking beer.

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