Movie Quotes from Doctor Dolittle: Quotes from the movie Doctor Dolittle

*sniff sniff* boy, we got some fresh air out here!!!

–I promise to ask for no special privileges.
–I promise to grant none.

1) back off, or you’ll find your nuts in a treee!!!!
2) OH!!! where’s the love, where’s the love, where’s the love!…

1. Hey, give me a break. I saved your life. 2. That’s yesterday’s news. Take a hike. You want gratitude? Get a hamster!

1. HEY, HONEY, FEELIN BETTER? 2. Who is this? 1. I’LL GIVE YOU A HINT, I’M CUTE, I’M FURRY AND I MAKE 500 BABIES A YEAR! 2. Rodney! Get back in your cage! 1. HEY DOC, WHAT IS IT WITH THAT BIG TRAP BEHIND THE FRIDGE, YOU TRYIN TO KILL ME? 2. Never mind that, you get your little furry ass back in your cage, Rodney, right now! I don’t want your droppings- (man looks at him) My son Rodney, little hairy boy, sleeps in the cage, I have to keep him there bacause he has a little hygiene problem.

1. Ooh, stop, slow down. 2. Shuttup, I can hear you up there, shuttup! 1. But Doc, I’m getting whisker whipped up here. 2. One more and I’ll let you out of your cage and into the wild with real animals, see how much talk you do when some real squirrels are kickin in your ass! 1: Fine, I’ll just sing, THE ANSWER MY FRIEND IS BLOWIN IN THE WIND, THIS GUINEA PIG IS BLOWIN IN THE WIND! 2: I’m turning up the radio, I’m groovin1

1. Who’s this? 2. I’ll give you a hint: I’m cute, I’m furry, and I make five hundred babies a year!

1. You know how to do CPR? 2. CPR? I can’t even spell it!

1. You will just have to make do with this new fancy sports car, the one you always wanted, right here, beautiful. (shows her a convertible) 2. Oh my gosh, John, you didn’t! 1. No, I didn’t, the van’s around the corner. I saw how flattered you got so don’t tell me you don’t care about money. (mimicking) Oh, John, you didn’t! you didn’t! 2. That’s not funny!

1.What you’re suffering from is active compulsive behavior. 2. throw the ball, throw the ball. 1. Whenever I throw the ball, I want you to think about something else. 2. Throw the ball, I’m warning you, I swear, I’ll pee on your carpet. 1. Very irritating this ball is. 2. AM I ALONE HERE, AM I ALL BY MYSELF, AM I IN ANOTHER UNIVERSE? 3 and 4: Throw the damn ball! (1 throws the ball) 2. He threw the ball! He threw the ball, I love you, I love you, you threw the ball!

Alligator: Mama? Rodney: Mama? I ain’t your mama. Alligator: Mama? Lucky: Oh no, don’t look at me, although there was that one time I got drunk in the Everglades…

Beep Beep here come the sheep


Doc: Hey, Nutmeg, let’s go! (Charisse glares at him) You better wipe that look off your face, that’s a little better, your daughter’s turning into a little wise ass.

Hey, why do they call me a guinea pig anyway? I’m not Italian and I’m not pork.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

If I could talk to the animals.

If you can do that for me, John, I’ll buy you a rat farm, and you can burp and fart the little rats until you pass out, but let’s get it signed!

John, do me a favor. Don’t ever confide in me. I’m utterly useless in these areas. I’m really a very self-absorbed man.

lie down chauncy,lie down

Listen, I have a real life, OK? I’d only appreciate if you’d call me in a real emergency, If someone comes in here carrying his own head, call me, if someone comes in with a bicycle halfway up their ass, call me.

Lucky:Look, I was faking it, I feel fine, just don’t let him stick that thing up my–HELLO! I’m gonnna swallow the thermometer and i don’t mean in my mouth, It’s heading in, it’s going south for the winter, well, there it goes, butt just swallowed it. DoLittle: I’m just guessing but I think you may have lost your thermometer. Doctor: well, it’s gone. I could go in manually or give the dog a laxative and wait it out. Lucky: Laxitive! Dolittle: Just give him a laxative, it’ll come out later on. Doctor: Never works. I’d like to go in manually. Lucky: Oh my lord, aahhh, oh, Lassie go home!

no body likes a drunk monkey

oh, my…….live prey!!!

oh, no. now you are gonna have to take your fat ass back outside.

Oh, this is nice! What a fun cabin! You smell the air here? What a wonderful place, what a wonderful camp!

Pigeon: PIGS GO HOME! PIGS GO HOME! PIGS GO HOME! Pig: What? Pigeon: Oh, not you, the police.

Somebody get that license plate number, I have just been violated!

Tonight, this is the house of love! East Coast, West coast, let’s unite! Is Brooklyn in the house?

What am I sposed to do without my cell phone?

What dis? Smell like chitlins.

When I look in your eyes.

Why am I called a guinea pig? I’m not Italian, and I’m not poor.

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