Movie Quotes from Doc Hollywood: Quotes from the movie Doc Hollywood

So you just drop trough whenever you feel like it?

(1)Is that a star?
(2)Naw, that’s Ted Danson.

-I suspect that your version of romance is whatever will separate me
from my panties.
-No. I am just talking about dinner. Wear make-up. Put on a dress.
Panties are optional.

-You want to trade the pig for the part?
-If you can part with the pig.

1. I am so fucked 2. Watch it son, you’re in the buckle of the bible belt

Beverly Hills. The most beautiful women in the world. Plastic surgery. What do these three things have in common? Me! In less
than a week!

bullvine swine

Can’t poop in this town without everybody knowing what color it is.

Check Hollywood for knives. I don’t want him operating in case I sneeze or something

Couldn’t be happier If I was twins.

Don’t let Doc Hoag scare you. I know you wern’t aiming to kill that boy last night

He’ll recite a complete Walt Whitman if you don’t monitor his drinkin

He’s got a nose like a bloodhound…and the rest of his face ain’t so good either.

Hey Doc, you like coffee? You like coffee we won’t go in here.

I could have gone to med school. It was just the… science part… that would have given me trouble.

I don’t need a car. I’m moving to Los Angeles. Why would I need a

I worked my way through college trainin bass

i’m trapped in this HeeHaw Hell

No, it’s Ted Danson.

The glandless Barnes?

Well Ben Stone, you have 5 minutes to say goodbye to Shangri-La.

You can’t reimburse me for a fence i built myself!

You can’t treat a patient with Coca-Cola or Bisquick. You’re going to have use real medicene this time

You got great tonsils. That aint all.

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