Movie Quotes from Distinguished Gentleman, The: Quotes from the movie Distinguished Gentleman, The

And if a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his butt when he hopped.

Drop the Thomas, shorten the Jefferson, Jeff Johnson! The name you know…


Tell me something, with all this money floatin’ around how does anything ever done?

That’s the beauty of the system, it doesn’t.

Vote Jeff Johnson…….the name you know.

Well, thank you, Mame. You’ve been a great deal of help. Just forget I even called. Just tell him I said ‘hi’.

Yea this is me, cant deny it. I did all this. Except for this, this woman, this woman got her shoes back.

you’re licking my balls

[bird drops from the sky] Musta had a heartattack!

[with asian accent] Why you no vote Jeff Johnson!?

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