Movie Quotes from Dish, The: Quotes from the movie Dish, The

(Mitch, playing cricket on the dish)Give it another tweak. It’s still not flat enough, Glen. Probably still on NASA settings.

(Rudy) Remember that night at my place with all those blokes there from NASA trying to sort out the contract? What about this and what about that. And finally you speak. Gentlemen, this should be the contract. We agree to support the Apollo mission. That was a great moment.
(Cliff) This is’nt, but.
(Rudy) No, this is a shithouse moment.

— No offence, but NASA spends fifteen years, hundreds of millions of dollars so that we can watch man walk on the moon and in the end it falls to you blokes! I mean, how do you feel about that?
— A lot better before you opened your trap!

1. Glenn’s a Sagittarius, he likes knitting and flower arranging- 2. No I don’t. Don’t write that.

al; Every coordinate in this book has been changed. This is unacceptable. cliff; Glen? All the coordinates have been changed. glen; Yeah, I changed them. cliff; why? glen: Cos they were wrong. Cliff; Why were they wrong? glen; dunno cliff; What about them were wrong? glen; Oh, because they are set for the northern hempishere.And we’re in the southern hemphishere. I can change them back but you’d be pointing in the wrong direction. Cup of tea, Al?

And do all the people in India get to watch it?
Yeah, but only on one TV!

Assistant; NASA wants Parkes to be the main relay and recieving dish.
PM; Meaning?
Assistant;We’ve got the moonwalk.
PM;Bloody hell. These people? Do they know what their doing?
Assistant;I think so.
PM;I bloodywell hope so………… why is it in the middle of a sheep paddock?

Bob; Maysie, can you keep a secret?
May; No

Cliff! You just bullshited NASA!

Cliff. You just bullshitted NASA.

Failure is never quite so frightening as regret.

Good-on-ya Mr Armstrong!

Halt, who goes there?

He’s a facist!

How was lunch?
Lovely. I think we ate an entire sheep.

I know where Apollo 11 is. It’s on its way to the moon. Thats your point of reference. It’s gotta be within 3 or 4 degrees.

It’s not that bloody pie women, again?

Marie: Well, if you ask me, this is just a perfect example of man’s imperialistic greed. May; Thats why nobody asks you, darling.

Prime minister; You know theres a saying in the house. Rudy; Yes? Prime minister; You dont fuck up……………. Rudy; Yes? Prime minister; Thats it.

That’s bullshit. You just bullshitted NASA!

That’s gotta be a felony. Impersonating a person in orbit.

this is my wife May, she’s the lemon.

What’s the alarm for?
It tells us it’s windy.
Geez, I could of told you that. It’s blowing a bloody gale outside.

You Bullshited NASA!

You know I can’t believe I’m a part of this. I certainly can’t beleive Rudy’s a part of this.

You treat us like a pack of galahs. Just cos I dont go around with my head buried in a manual all day that doesnt mean I’m a drongo.

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