Movie Quotes from Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights: Quotes from the movie Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

Move your hips in a circle.. come on a circle..that’s a BOX!~Javier

1. We didn’t win the contest. 2. No. But the consulation prize was pretty good

1: How do you call these?
2: Your hips?
3: (laughs) Move your ‘heepths’

c’mon, circle….circle….that’s a box

feels like dancing with my mother’s ironing board.

I don’t want you to give up your dreams~Javier
I have new dreams now~Katie

if you let your heart open up your mind, there’s a whole new world on the other side.

it’s a dance about being exactly who you wanna be in that moment

Javier at the beach with Katey: They could be a bird, yo know…they could do FLAMENCO STEPS to make fun of there ouwners

Javier to his brother Carlos at La Rosa Negra: Where’s the revolution tonight???, on the dance floor???

javier:why do u look in the mirror?
Katie:im trying to remember the steps i saw
javier:what does looking have to do with it.. just feel the music

Just feel the music-Javier

Katey-I am going to miss you
Javier-I am going to miss you too
Katey-I’m taking you with me
Javier-Im keeping you here

Katey: I know i guess i should have seen it’s just that im not used to…. Javier: Bastards?

Katie-I’ve never seen dancing like that. Its so…
Javiar- Cuban?

katie-ill miss you
javier- ill miss you too
katie- im taking you with me
javier- im keeping you here

Katie: God, would you stop being such a GUY?
Javier: Okay, I’ll be the GIRL!!

Katie: I’ll miss you.
Javier: I’ll miss you too.
Katie: I’m taking you with me
Javier: I’m keeping you here.

KaTy: even though it doesn’t seem like it but u r making a difference
Javier: what? there is a revolution out there and what am i doing painting stolen cars and babysitting
Katy: No ur keeping your family alive and thats all u can do
Javier: if we do win this contest.. maybe i can being my family to america with us
Katy: ((Nods))

katy: I can’t believe i actually thought we could do this…. whenever he pushes i pull.. and im flowing, im and im moving in a circle and I’m not an ironing board anymore and it’s still not working…
dance instructor: ((giggles))
katy: then he says ((your afraid))
dance instructor: are you?
katy: No!
dance instructor: that’s to bad.. come here Mumomento stand right here.

Que boniiiita

you felt the sudden urge for cuban music?

You have the sudden urge for cuban music? – Javier

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