Movie Quotes from Deuces Wild: Quotes from the movie Deuces Wild


1you want out bobby. 2What are you talking about?1you want out of the gangs, because thats what your asking for.2 leon i am always by your side,you want me to cut jimmy pocket into a milion pieces ill do it, you want to kill fuckin marco ill do it but anneys my girl now, and your jsut gonna have to accept that

Fritsy: We’re all sorry about your brother sal. Leon: Alley!, his name was Alfonse Michael, we called him Alley boy.

His name was Alfonse Michaels, we called him Alley Boy

If I ever see you on my block again I’ll fuckin kill you!

You dont run the deuces i do, and we’r gonna do it my way. And if i ever hear you talk to my mother again like that i swear to god ill break your FUCKIN head open.

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