Movie Quotes from Detroit Rock City: Quotes from the movie Detroit Rock City

So,Are you gonna like suck our dicks and stuff ?
Shut up Tripp,That’s so fucking rude!!!

(1)how’s it going mom?(2)jeramier(1)i’m going to ask you this nicely
first can i have my drumsticks back?(2)your drumsticks are the least
of your worries young man you just ran out on son just ran out
on god. you are in a world of …….(1)trouble hehe ive been in
trouble for the last twelve hours HELLO i’m going to be in st bernads
boarding school for the next two years of my life remember(2)yes
(1)i’m going to be out of your hair until i’m a legal adult (2)yes
(1)and all you have to do is go to church light a candle and pray
to some stupid little statue for me and all is forgiven and forgotten
right mom then you can spend your day in some guilt free persuit of
more constructive activities like telling everybody how screwed up
their lives are and then you no longer need the patience and under
-standing required in order to talk to your son on some normal plane
and that way you dont even need to think about how tuff it was for
you when you were growing up and it’s probally a good thing too
cause if you did you would probally realise what a lowsey goddamn
shitty ass parent you are (2)jeramier what has gotten in to you
now for the last time mom give me back my fucken drumsticks….please

(mom)…listening to that Devil music and SMOKING THE DOPE!

(mom)jeramiah wat has gotten into u?(jam)i just lost my virginity in a confessional booth. . . LORD HAVE MERCY!!!

…I say that we all beat the sh*t out of each other, right… then we go to the ticket taker and we say that we got mugged and our tickets were stollen. I mean they have to let us in… I mean they have to…

1) Man, Mrs. Bruce is a psycho bitch from hell man. 2) You’re one to talk Lex your mom’s a fucking dyke. 1) Hey, just because my mom’s a female gynocologist that doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian. And even if she was, at least my mom didn’t give birth to me when she was on LSD. 2) SHROOMS! 3) Hey would you guys quit the mom bashing ok? Look Lex’s mom is cool because she let’s us spend the night and if it wasn’t for your mom Trip we wouldn’t have smoked that fine Panama Red last night! So leave the women who gave you life outta this they’re both cool in my book…

1)… and you are NOT gonna believe what she had on under that dress…
2)Was it a teddy?
2)Crotchless panties?…

1)They make scary movies that start out like this…! 2)But they make porno movies that start out like this too!

1: Why don’t you lick my hairy crack? 2: Why don’t you bend over, you’re lookin’ right at it. (Everyone gets quiet and thinks…) 3: Okay that last remark fell about 20 yards from making any sense.

Disco blows dogs for quarters.

Fuck its Elvis! ok 2nd floor girls bathroom, he’ll never find us there.

Fuck, it’s Elvis!

hahaha i just heard u talking through my nose maybe i have eardrums in my nose …nosedrums hahaha satan santa hey same letters same letters must be the same guy i just realized the protical church is a barrel of fuckin monkeys

Hawk: Well, as they say in the tampon biz, see ya next period!

Hey Chongo!

hey peanut turds

Hey thanks for letting us use your makeup supply. You probably have the whole Revlon factory in your purse you greasy disco ball!

Hey your not sopose to go in there. don’t worrie were good friends of father Mc. nuttly…. (hawk) hey there padre. (preist) hey! i just heard you through my nose! Is it possible that i have ear drums in my noes? nose dtums! (hawk) uh ya do you think it would be ok if we took jam here to the big sentenial kiss concert in detroit tonight?(saten… santa. wowe! same letters. there the same person. what are you looking at sister goderea?

Hey, man, that geek looks like Jam!

I hate stellas almost as much as I hate dogs!



I just lost my virginity in a confessional booth. LORD…HAVE…MERCY!!!!

I just lost my virginity in a confessional booth…..LORD HAVE MERCY!


I never heard a girl blow ass before!

I see these trays match your shirts did you plan that?

I’ve had the hotts for her since second grade.

I’ve never heard a girl blow ass before!!!!

If he offers you some pizza, you’re not the least bit hungry.

If I ever see Dr. Love again…you’ll have to wait til I’m through with him first

Jam: It’s a give-and-take relationship.
Lex: Yeah, she gives you shit and you take it.

Jeremiah! Those jeans are so tight (Whispers) I can see your penis!

Jeremiah! Those jeanse are so tight (Whispers) I can see your penis!

JEREMIAH…This is your MOTHER..your in big trouble young man!!!!First its posters then its the music but now,now JEREMIAH YOU WANNA REACH OUT AND TOUCH THE DEVIL IN THE FLESH!!!

Kiss sucks!!!
What did you say you little maggot.

Lex: God, if you get me through this, I promise I’ll never pull my pork again.

Mrs. Bruce is a PSYCHO BITCH from HELL.

no no…i said ey little kid, ya know where i can take a piss?

now mom, give me back my fucking drumsticks…….please

Okay punk, have you learned your lesson yet puke?
If the lesson is that your a dick with ears and a bad hair cut, yeah id say ive learned my lesson.

Preist:(gagging) WOA that was one hell of a stale mushroom

Preist:whats the total? Hawks:15 even. Preist:(opens up depository box):heres the 15 and your tips been donated in the name of God. Hawks:well tell the big guy he owes me one.

Priest (in confessional booth): You’d better have something really sinful for me this time, son.
Jam: Alright, Father, here it is. I feel a little ashamed in talking to you about this. I went to my cousin’s wedding, and one of the bridesmaids asked me if I wanted to take a bath.
Priest: This is terrible.
Jam: This girl was a total fox, so I finally gave into temptation about a block away from the wedding reception at this little motel that charges by the hour. And when she peeled off that gown, you are not gonna believe what she was wearing underneath.
Priest (interrupting): Was it a teddy?
Jam: Oh no!
Priest: A boustiee?
Jam: Uh-uh.
Priest (keeps guessing as Jam and Beth slip out of the confessional booth): …Crotchless panties?…A fishnet leotard?…Leopard skin bra?…A leather g-string?

rip these grease monkeys a new ass hole!

Satan..Santa…Same Letters..There The Same Guy

She’s sleepin’ like a little baby Stella

Shit or get off the pot rockstar.


So are your gunna suck our dicks or what??

The Prodigal son is a barrel of fucking monkeys

they make horror movies that start out like that….yeah, but they make pornos that start out like that too!

They Put the Fag Makeup on us

this is better than the first time i got to finger a chick!

this next contestant has a name of a bird, and if you like birds your gonna like this(points to crotch) its just to swallow.

Trip you asshole! man you spilt the bong water all over the bed!

Trip you asshole, you spillt the bong water all over the bed!

well as they say in the tampon biz… see ya next period

Well guys, as they say in the tampon business. See ya next period.

Well have you learned your lession yet?(Hawk)well if the lesson was that…. your a dick with ears and a really bad hair cut… then ya..he he. i learned my lession.

Well kids, as they say in the period biz, see ya next perod

Well kids, as they say in the tampon buisiness, see ya next period.

Well, as they say in the tampon biz…see ya next period.

What are you doing hee, I thought you were jewish?!!?

What, does she like comb your asshair and stuff ?

you dont pass go and collect $200 for pulling stunts like this

You want to reach out and touch pure evil.

Your clothes may say disco but your eyes say rock n roll
(The Stella) Your belt may say rock n roll but your breath says pepperoni baby!

~Yeah well your mom’s dyke
~Hey just cuz she’s a female gynocologist doesn’t mean shes a lesbian. At least my mom wasn’t on LSD while giving birth…

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