Movie Quotes from Deep End of the Ocean, The: Quotes from the movie Deep End of the Ocean, The

-Were you drunk?
-I was overserved.

Beth – Its Like I am standing under a huge snow bank and if I move one inch in any direction its going to come crashing down and your going to have to raise these kids yourself I’m doing that now Bethy


Beth – You know what! I didn’t even want to go through this whole Christmas thing! You know what I wanted to do..SLEEP THROUGH IT!

Children don’t just get lost, people lose them!

I don’t wanna survive Ben.

i like milk with my pizza

ur not hungry vincent?
i am im just no tan industrial vacume unlike some people

Vincent-What are you doing here anyway? I’ve been doing fine without you. Beth-I don’t think you have Vincent, I’m sorry. I’m gonna get you out of here, Dad’s working on it.

You’re doing a real great imitation at having a life.

You’ve got to survive this.

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