Movie Quotes from Deal of the Century: Quotes from the movie Deal of the Century

(1)Where have all the good salesmen gone? Don’t answer that…
(1 and 2) Management!

–Did you enjoy your stay at the hotel, Ms. DeVoto?
–Mr. Muntz, please. I lost my husband yesterday.
–Well, we can wait a few minutes. You might still find him.

…but follow with the tag Your Partner In Freedom.

And our enemy is not Moscow. Our enemy is Rockwell, Northrop, Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, Grumman, and the rest of our worthy competitors, foreign and domestic. The corporate well-being of Luckup is on the line.

I like to see some cultural highlights…like female mud wrestling.

I might add that research showed eighty-five percent of those surveyed would protect those images, while forty-five percent would go to war over them.

I’m ready to hitchhike to Josestown for a few laughs and a cool drink.
This place is hotter than Dolly Parton’s minipad.

No! You don’t shoot the moon!

That’s a nice flame job you got there… Let me give you a little touch up.

That’s a nice flame job you got there…. Lemmee give you a little touch up…

Toro, Toro. What a hombre you are.

You’re hot, you’re tired, you smell like you smell now…

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