Movie Quotes from Dead Again: Quotes from the movie Dead Again

This is fate we’re talking about, and if fate works at all, it works because people think that THIS TIME, it isn’t going to happen!

(Mike gives an old, dying Gray Baker a cigarrette, but instead of smoking it through his mouth, she puts it in the hole of his mechanicle voice box, inhales and blows smoke through the hole. Mike looks like he might throw up, and Baker hands him back the pack.)
Mike: Uh, no thanks. I just quit.

1)And I didn’t mess with your stuff. 2)Oh I like her voice!

1)I’m just sorry that I didn’t get my chance. 2)You’re chance, Mr. Baker? 1)To hear you play, Mrs. Strauss, to hear you play. 2)Well, I’m not going into hiding, Mr. Baker, I’m just getting married! Yes.

1)Some days I really miss the war. 2)What an odd thing to say!

1)What was he doing holding your leg? 2)He was looking at the anklet – the anklet that you specifically asked me to wear so that everyone could see how rich we are…or were!

(1) You take what you’ve learned from this life and use it in the next. That’s karma.
(2) I thought karma was I do something bad in this life and I’m a termite in the next.
(1) Hey, if you ask me, pal, you’re already a termite in this life in a shitty suit, OK?

1) Is it really good to smoke so much, Mr Baker ? 2) Nope. That’s why I started rolling my own, I figured it would slow me down. 1) Well does it ? 1) Nope, I just roll them faster.

Roman: This… is all… fa-a-a-a-ar from over.

Did that f%$#ing guy look like he knew karate to you?!?

Fate – The only cosmic force with a tragic sense of humour.

Grace ? that’s what the teabag says… that my name is Grace ?

Here’s the water, there’s the door, sorry about the stairs!

I mean, karmically, self-defense is quite cool.

I would never hurt you, Margaret.

I’m not looking for Miss Right. I’m looking for Miss Right Now.

If you ask me, you’re already a termite in a shitty suit.

It’s okay. It’s okay. The door just closed.

Karmically, self defense is quite cool.

Margret: (in awe of a gift given )I don’t know what to say!
Roman: Uh–thank you, is always good.

Tell Gray Baker Margaret wants to know if he still misses the war.

Thanks to fate, the only cosmic force with a tragic sense of humor, you burn somebody in one life, they get a chance to burn you back in this one. It’s the karmic credit plan. Buy now, pay forever.

The man I bought it from explained to me that, when a husband gives it to his wife, they become two halves of the same person. Nothing can separate them… not even death.

These are for you!

This is all far from over

This is fate we’re talking about, and if fate works at all, it works because people think that THIS TIME, it isn’t going to happen!

Well I for one am Ve-Ve-Vaaaaeeeery interested in what hap-hap-hhhhappens next.

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