Movie Quotes from Das Boot: Quotes from the movie Das Boot

…the merciful gods lefta shovelful of sand….

Thomsen (drunk): I’ll take a piss then leave then. I have other plans!

A simple song won’t make you the King of England, Number One!

A toast to our wonderful…abstaining…womanless…Fuhrer, who rose gloriously from apprentice painter to become the world’s greatest battle strategist. What? Isn’t it true? He’s the great naval expert who took it upon himself – in his wisdom – How’s it go again? Who’s been showing that English bedwetter, that cigar-chomping asshole Churchill, where to go stick his cigars?

Are we ever going to get out of here?

Chief: Now comes his speech–Captain: Well men . . .All set?–Chief: Some speech, eh?

He’s so tense he could crack nuts with his ass.

He’s soaked to the gills.

It’s not like the old gang. These are so green and eager. Wet behind the ears. Braggarts.

Let’s go set that cathouse on fire!

No personal calls allowed till after 10 pm.

Our patrol planes! Where are they? Answer that one, Herr Goring! The British have plenty of them! Talking big is all he’s good for, that fat slob.

Over thirty freighters! Berthold has to wait till we arrive. He follows the convoy and keeps in contact with us! For me its the best craft afloat, the U-Boat. And sailing ships! Skimming across the sea like a bird on a wing. I’ve sailed on the three masted Schooner. Wonderful ship. Lots of room! Holds big as churches!!

play zeee tipperary song…

Stuff some season’s greetings in there!

the masters in berlin have been busy thinking up clever new names for churchill…

They need sex like the infantry needs alcohol.

They pissed on you.

This record won’t hurt your ideological edifice.

U-boat crews need relaxation.

Who are those pigs?

You’ve got a hair up your ass? Well, I’ve got one up my nose. Want to braid them?

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