Movie Quotes from Dark Passage: Quotes from the movie Dark Passage

–Don’t you gent lonely up here all by yourself?
–I was born lonely, I guess.

–I’ll make you look as if you’ve lived.
–I have, Doc.

Hard a hard night, Bud?!

I perfected my own special technique 12 years ago before I was kicked out of the medical association.

I see you like swing music.

I sure look older. That’s all right, I’m not.

I want ideas, more than anything else.

I was a small-time crook until this very minute, and now I’m a big-time crook.

It’s unbelievable, but it’s good. I think I even like you better.

She was no prize package, but she wouldn’t frame you.

Well, the only thing for me to do is get the first bus out of town, fast.

What is this, a quiz program?

When I get excited about something, I give it everything I got. I’m funny that way.

Why are you doing this for me? I have no money, nothing. There can’t be anything in it for you except a jail sentence.

You’re at my place.

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