Movie Quotes from Dark Blue: Quotes from the movie Dark Blue

–How ugly do you think it’ll get for me?

And I say try, because I have no idea what a healthy relationship looks like.

And you wonder why I drink.

At the end of the day, the bullets were in the bad guys. Not us.

Be a team player.

I have a hard time keeping track of all your shootings and investigations and interrogations and inquiries.

If they get off, this city burns.

One mistake means you’re human. Two mistakes means you’re fired.

Streets on fire.

That’s Eldon Perry the third, right there next to his mom. He will never be a cop. He hates cops.

That’s my daddy’s gun.

The choke hold saved lives.

The Shit Fairy paid me a visit and it is rolling down hill.

You got your villian and you got your hero.

You’re finished, Jack.

You’re right, Jack. It’s all over.

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