Movie Quotes from Dangerous Beauty: Quotes from the movie Dangerous Beauty

A peacock does not an inheritance make.

I confess, I fuck devinely…those who richly wine and dine me!

I’m all booked up.

M: There’s not a woman in Venice that I can’t have.
V: And there’s not a man in Venice I can’t have

Marco: You know we can’t marry.
Veronica: I know only what you tell me.
Marco: I must marry according to my station and my family’s will…
Veronica: How romantic!
Marco: Marriage isn’t romantic, that’s why God invented poetry.
Veronica: To sweeten men’s lying lips!
Marco: If I were I liar would aI tell you this now!?
Veronica: If you cared for me you could not tell me this ever!
Marco: But I want you!
Veronica: Not enough!!

My uncle tells me I have the feigned indifference of a man . . . a man about to be married.

V: Who taught you? P: Your grandmother.

Veronica: We danced our youth in a dreamed of city,
Venice, paradise, proud and pretty,
We lived for love and last and beauty,
Pleasure then our only duty.
Floating them twixt heaven and Earth
And drank on plenties blessed mirth
We thought ourselves eternal then,
Our glory sealed by God’s own pen.
But paradise, we found is always frail,
Against man’s fear will always fail.

Beatrice: Is there anything wrong, mama?
Beatrice’s mother (Laura Venier) : Nothing at all.

Veronica: Oh, oh, I fell……I feel faint, I feel faint
Come on..
Beatrice: What? What are you doing?
Veronica: Come on Beatrice! Quick!
Beatrice: Slow Down!
Veronica: Look! Look, look there’s your brother!
Marco: Hello! Hello Venice!
Beatrice: What if he sees us?
Veronica: He’s not looking at us, B, he’s looking at them.
Marco: Hello, Venice!
Did you get my letters? You didn’t get them?
Oh, I’m not talking to you anyway, you broke my heart!
Veronica: Come on!
B! Come on!
Marco: All this for me?
Maffio: Oh, Oh, Livia, oh, glorious maid, oh virtuous fair, bosoms like those, who could care?
Marco: My rot! Milady! Her hand! Come!
Courtesane: Hardly!
Marco: It’s Venus, come to bless the venicians!

Marco: Beatrice!
Beatrice: Hello! Ah, You smell like a sewer.
Marco: Ah, thank you, that’s a fine welcome, little sister!
Look at you! You might make a wife after all!
Beatrice: Did you see him?
Marco: Seen who?
Beatrice: You know who! My husband to be… Is he handsome?
Marco: Well, he’s…
Maffio: He’s powerful!
Marco: He is!
Veronica: Welcome home, Marco!
Marco: I think I’ve missed you!
Veronica: With all the court ladies to amuse you?
Marco: Oh, roman women, they can’t hold a candle to the Venicians, no could French, no could Florentine, nor any woman from Europe to the Levant!
Veronica: No doubt you’ve sampled them all!
Marco: Oh, but idle amusement until you blossomed!
Marco’s father (Pietro Venier) : Marco!
Laura Venier: What keeps

We cannot afford one another Maffio. We’re both courtiers, singing for our supper

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