Movie Quotes from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Quotes from the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

1)Make a wish… 2)That we would be together again in the desert…

A faithful heart makes wishes come true

A faithful heart makes wishes come true.

Beautiful but dangerous. Once you see it tainted with blood, its beauty is hard to admire.

How dare you accuse us? I always knew you had stolen the sword! I’ve done nothing but protect you and your family. And you’ve repaid me with nothing but contempt. Li Mu Bai himself spared you, and all you do is insult him. We wanted some peace and you’ve ruined it all! You’re no sister of mine!

I am the Invinible Sword God. Armed with the incredible Green Destiny. Be you Li or Southern Crane. Lower your head and ask for mercy. I am the desert dragon. I leave no trace.

I may not be a cloud, but I’m pretty dark.

my hand is no illusion

no desire without restraint….

No more rocks to the head, okay?

Real sharpness comes without effort. No growth without assistance. No action without reaction. No desire without restraint. Now give yourself up and find yourself again.

She kept accusing me of being Gou Jun Pei’s brother. Who is this Gou, anyway?

Sir Te: A sword by itself rules nothing. It only comes alive in skilled hands.

Stop talking like a monk. Just fight!
Jen to Li Mu Bai

To repress one’s feelings only makes them stronger

To repress ones feelings only makes them stronger.

When it comes to emotions, even great heroes can be idiots.

Wudan is a whorehouse! Keep your lessons!

You know what poison is?
An eight-year-old girl, full of deceit.
That’s poison! Jen! My only family… my only enemy…

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