Movie Quotes from Crime and Punishment in Suburbia: Quotes from the movie Crime and Punishment in Suburbia

Don’t touch me unless you love me!

R: You were watching us, weren’t you? Well, were you? V: Um….. R: You like taking pictures? V: Yeah. R: Why don’t you take one? Come on, *******. That’s your name, right? Take one. (V snaps picture) R: Was it a good one?

R: Do you think that I could…Do you think that I could, maybe, believe in the things that you believe in? V: Yeah, yeah I do.

R: You knew. V: What? R: You knew that I… V: Murdered your stepfather? Of course I knew.

R: You knew? V: What? R: You knew…that I… V: Murdered your stepfather? Of course I knew.

T: What the hell do you think you’re doing, *******? V: I wanted to take a picture of what it looks like. T: What what looks like? V: People pledging alliegence.

V: I had a dream last night. It was evil: horrible things. I wear this braid of garlic to ward off the evil spirits of that dream. Do you need this? If you need it, it’s yours. Let me help you.

V: We kept passing hotels. I wondered if she’d go into one with me if I asked her. But I didn’t. I didn’t have any money anyway.

we don’t choose who we love, God does

What a strange path it took to find my heart

What excited everyone was how much it bothered her. The vultures were circling and they smelled blood

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Crime and Punishment in Suburbia’: Quotes from the movie ‘Crime and Punishment in Suburbia’

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