Movie Quotes from Creepshow: Quotes from the movie Creepshow

‘Where’s my cake Bedilla!? you bitch!’ you called me a bitch!!


EWW..meteor shit!

Gotta cool th’ sumbitch off…that’s the ticket!

Harry, your maiden is waiting for her knight in shining cordoroy…

I always keep my promises, Harry

I can hold my breath for a long long time

I can hold my breath for a looong time!

I just want to incapacitate you and then you can see Becky.

I loathe bugs!

I want my cake!

I want my cake!!!!

If I catch you reading this shit again, you won’t be able to sit for a week, buddy boy! Tuck in!

Iiiitttss shoooowtime!

It’s fathers day…and I got my cake !

Jordy Varel, you lunkhead!

Look, my darling sister, he’s your hick…husband I mean.

MR.PRATT:What are you doing in Orlando?
MAN ON PHONE:The wife and I decided to take the kids to Disneyworld
this year.
MR PRATT:I don’t give a fuck if you decided to take the kids to Attica.

not down there

Oh, you done it now, Jordy Verill, you lunkhead!

Only the ones who handed me a knife & stretched out their throats. Only the ones who, if you’ll excuse the expression, fucked up.

Pass those scones, Cass, you’re such a hog> You married a great hog, Henry

PRATT: Now if you’ll excuse me, I have this bug problem. CASTONMEYER: I hope you burn in hell! PRATT: BY the way… CASTONMEYER: You bastard! PRATT: Mrs. Castonmeyer? CASTONMEYER: You old monster! PRATT: Mrs. Katzenjammer, would you mind telling me who gave you my unlisted private number? I’d like to fire him. CASTONMEYER: It was in my husbands address book you son of a bitch! PRATT: oh…can’t fire him can I?

Richard !!! I wanna get u …Can u hear me Richard !!! I wanna get…

Same old Henry; afraid of your own shadow! You know what, Henry, you’re a regular barnyard exhibit. Sheep’s eyes, chicken guts, piggy friends……, and shit for brains! No good at departmental politics, no good at makin’ money, no good at makin’ an impression on anybody,….and no good at all in BED! When was the last time ya got it up, Henry? Huh? When was the last time you were a man in our bed? Now get outta my way, Henry, or I swear to God you’ll be wearin’ your balls for earrings!

That’s Verrel luck alright…always in, always bad!

That’s why God made fathers babe. That’s why God made fathers.

That’s why God made fathers, that’s why God made fathers

The next time that I catch you reading this crap,you wo’nt sit down for a tuck in!!

This is going to be extremely painful

Unkind Harry! Unkind. well I won’t hold it against you.

Wentworth, I’ll shoot you dead!

Wentworth, remind you I have the gun! I’ll shoot you dead!

What’s the matter, Mr. Pratt? Bugs got your tongue?

You can almost set your watch by her.

You did good, George. Go out and fuck somebody. But wear a damn rubber, everyone’s getting the damn herpes these days.

You like your job, Reynolds!

You mean that Cass hasn’t told you about dotty old Great-Aunt Bedelia, the patriarch of our clan?

You’re just like all the others, you’re all a bunch of vultures!

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