Movie Quotes from Cowboy Way, The: Quotes from the movie Cowboy Way, The

I’d rather play big chief anyhow!!!!!!

If its got hair i can ride it and if its got a beat I can dance to it.

Just knock off its horns, wipe its nasty ole ass, and chuck it right down on the plate

Oh you mean Willian Pickett, yeah.

Pepper: I see what you’re trying to say deep down you’re chicken shit. Sonny: No Pepper that ain’t what I’m trying to say.

Sonny: Not my best time but it’ll do.

Sonny: [After calf roapping man in pawn shop], Not my best time, but it will do!

That pepper sure can cowboy when he wants too.

Well, kiss a duck’s red ass. I do believe, she loves me.

Well, this is the cowboy way.

You get the shiver, I get the shot!!!!!!!!!!!!

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