Movie Quotes from Cousins: Quotes from the movie Cousins

–Take away the clothes and makeup and what’d ya got?
–A gorgeous naked woman?

–Why are you always making silly excuses for your husband?
–Because you’re always making excuses for your wife.

–You’ve made an old man very happy.
–You’re not so old.
–I know and I’m not so happy.

1.)I’ve had sex before! The girl was so big, my hands couldn’t reach the bed! 2.) Why do you make up these lies? 1.) I’m an artist.

Believe me, there’s a future in garbage.

Didn’t you know that married men and women are only allowed to be close friends in large crowds?

I have an IQ in the triple digits. What word do you think I didn’t understand?

I’d rather have a case of clap than a case of this wine

Kiss my squirrel.

Larry Kozinski, I would love to dance with you.

Leave your blanket here and I’ll advance all your allowances until you’re forty.

That’s not a dress you wear to a wedding. That’s a dress you wear to a hooker’s wedding!

Tom, if you are going to tell me about your infidelities, I will have to leave you forever.

Your grandfather is about to marry the Bermuda Triangle.

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