Movie Quotes from Corvette Summer: Quotes from the movie Corvette Summer

(1)This is the car you’re lookin’ for? (2)Yeah. (1)This is the car I saw.

(singing)Love is a many splendored thing! A la la la!

…just thinkin’ maybe we shoulda’ lowered that spoiler, maybe gone for a wing or a fastback.

C’mon, you guys have seen it, it’s the best lookin’ street machine on the west coast.

Give me the night.

He can take a ride if he wants to! Wadda ya’ think you’re runnin’ here, a prison farm?

Hey! Stop that machine! That’s a…

How about that, officer. Are you towing cars tonight? No sir. And this is legal parking anyway.

How bout a lift? C’mon in.

I will find that car sooner or later. I’m not worried, ’cause Las Vegas isn’t all that big.

It’s not even your car! So what! I built it!

Maybe we can mail her the bill!

p. s. that spoiler still seems high to me.

Tell you what, you can be my first customer. You gotta be kiddin’.

They cannot believe this right hand drive.

Thought I heard a waterpump goin’ in his car.

You know what I mean. Hey, bring us up a coupla cold ones.

You know, that’s the greatest car I ever saw.

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