Movie Quotes from Corpse Bride: Quotes from the movie Corpse Bride

*Emily is crying and her eye pops out*

Victor: I couldn’t marry you. It just wouldn’t work. *picks up eye and hands it back to her*

Emily: It’s my eye, isn’t it?

Victor: No. Your eye is…lovely.

*eye pops out and maggot comes out…Emily covers her eye* Emily: Maggots! Hahahahaha

1) Oh, what a cutie! 2) You should have seen him with fur.

1) You! 2) Emily? 1) (angrily) You! 2) But I left you! 1) For dead.

Can a heart still break once it’s stopped beating?

Having a Pulse is so overrated

If I hadn’t just been sitting in it, I’d say you’d lost your mind!

If I hadnt just been sitting in it, I would tell you that you’d lost your mind!

If I touch a burning candle I can feel no pain. In the ice or in the sun it’s all the same. Yet I feel my heart is aching, though it doesn’t beat it’s breaking. And the pain here that I feel, try and tell me it’s not real. I know that I am dead, yet it seems that I still have some tears to shed.

It’s a tragic tale of romance, passion, and murder most foul!

Listen, under different circumstances, well, who knows? But we’re just too different. I mean, you’re dead.

Marriage is a partnership. Do you really think your father and I like each other?

Nice tiles. Shame about the drapes.

Old Woman *confused*: … But you’ve been dead for fifteen years!
Skeleton *grabs her and pulls her close*: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Zombie)Would you keep it down? We’re in a church.

Spider & Maggot: She can’t hold a candle to the beauty of your smile.
Emily: How about a pulse?

Tell me, my dear. Can a heart still break once it’s stopped beating?

There’s an eye in me soup.

Wedding feast?! I’m salivating!!

With this hand I’ll lift your sorrows,your cup will never empty, for I will be your winewith this candle I will light your way in darknesswith this ring I ask you to be mine

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