Movie Quotes from Corky Romano: Quotes from the movie Corky Romano

I Don’t want you prancen around like the god damn little mermaid

#1) Pissant? #2) Oh! Hi! I was just gonna go find you and say hi *fidgeting* Hi…

(Shows her the sign it reads: You have to be crazy to do this job) It’s funny because its true!

(To Paulie) Ooh, help me, I’m gay! (To Peter) Ooh, I can’t read! (to both) Just get over it, ‘kay?

1) kill my baby 2) no no you dont have to

1)did you do something to your hair 2) i accedentlly put it in the wash that had a red shirt in it

Aww what is that…is that his wiener!!!

bad dogs aren’t born, they’re made

do you remember the summer mom sent me off to camp young and chubbys and i was crying cause i didn’t want to go, but by the end of the summer i was crying because i didnt want to leave….isn’t it funny how things just work out like that

Don’t act so surprised. J. Edgar Hoover used to wear a dress.

Hey fellas! Let’s go sell some heroine and commit some hate crimes!

I should buy a boat.

i thought we could buy some heroine and then we can go out and committ some hate crimes or somethin…

I’m just a little wired.
[Nervous chuckle]
I mean I’m wired as in hyper, not wired as in my crotch.


No, I learned that helpful tactic from our friend the possum.

oh that things slippery!

poodles and pussies….


You guys want some cookies?

You have a question?!?! You do?! You don’t?! You do?! You don’t?! Well, it’s okay if you dont because I’m up here doing my thing and you’re down there doing yours. Question?!?!?! You do?! You do- I SHOULD BUY A BOAT!!

You have a question???? You do? you dont? You do? you dont? I SHOULD BUY A BOAT!!!

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