Movie Quotes from Cop and 1/2: Quotes from the movie Cop and 1/2

1)Hey what comes after L? 2)Uh… 1)Bow(hits him) don’t you get it? Elbow

1. Don’t you morons have anything better to do? (2. throws jacket on the ground) 1. What’d you do that for? 2. Because you called me a moron! 1. So throwing your jacket on the ground makes you smarter?

1. Hey kid, what comes after L? 2. BOW!

Gimme some milk, Steve. In a dirty glass.

Tell him a hundred grand isn’t money.

But you’re a nurse. You can make up some great disease.

every day, these big jumbos take my money, stick me in the toilet, and hold me upside down!

Havent you ever heard of secondary smoke? At this very moment the delicate pink tissues of my still forming lungs may be shriveling, into green chucnks of mucas, gasping for their last breath of poision brown air

I hate to run!

I’m your worth nightmare. An eight-year-old with a badge!

I’ve heard you sing, cat choking on a hairball makes a much better sound.

If I don’t do this, you will never learn and I will be saving you a great deal of injustice.

If I don’t do this, you will never learn, and I would be doing you a great injustice.

If you hit me one more time with your L-BOW, I’m going to break it off and wave it at you!

My friend Ray can piss eight feet!

No wonder dinosaurs are extinct.Big heads,small brains.

No wonder dinosaurs were extinct. Big heads, small brains.

Put me down piggy!


quid pro quo, you know, one hand washes the other

Stop! I hate to run!

We don’t have a love/hate relationship. We have ahate/hate relationship.

You give me no joy.

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