Movie Quotes from Convoy: Quotes from the movie Convoy

1. Why do they call you the duck. 2. coz it rymes with luck heres the plan, when we get to the pass we’ll put on our fish costumes and pass out and extra rassion of rum for the men, that should do it
2. oh an invisible escape route they’ll never catch us now

1.Why are you doing this? 2.Dont know about the rest of em, but im running for my life myself.
1. yeah but they are all following you. 2. no they aint, im just in front

1: Why are you doing this, Duck?
2: Don’t know ’bout the rest of them. Me, I’m running for my life myself.


braker 1-9 braker 1-9, this is the bear, with the hardwear, at your front door. If you dont get you arse outta that truck with your hands in the air, we’re gonna blow you sky high

breaker 1-9, breaker 1-9, this is the bear in the air, sheriff Lyle Wallace at you front door, come on!


Cottonmouth ain’t a snake, you sumbitch.

Don’t It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue?

i looked down and bingo, there it was!

i said she doesnt have any pants on

My dad always said I ought to be like a duck. Stay smooth on the surface, but paddle like the devil underneath.

No More Smokey

PigPen this here’s the RubberDuck an Im about to put the Hammer Down!

Piss on you! And piss on your law!

Purpose of the convoy is to keep movin’.

What a movie ! Unfortunately I had a copy of this film which got lost some 20 years ago. I have not seen the film from that day to this and would love to see it again. My life hasnt been the same since I lost my rubber duck !!!!

You ever seen a duck that couldn’t swim?

You keep it safe in that ditchy somewhere, feedin’ flies!

You sure are a pretty red haired little boy! Wanna come ride in my truck?

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