Movie Quotes from Company Business: Quotes from the movie Company Business

–Is it alarmed?
–Only if you frighten it.

–Whose ass you Americans going to kick now?
–Well, we always got Fidel.

1: I thought we were friends!
2: My friends are not stupid.

At least in prison, I knew the rules.

He’s not a commie. He’s a yuppie.

I don’t belong here. I don’t belong there.

Maxine Gray. Good morning.

No more wall.

Say hello to Red Square for me.

The boys in the back room.

They’re ripping you off.

This is not exactly kosher.

This whole deal is weird.

We need some passports.

We’re in East Berlin.

Why me? Why take the Battleship Missouri out of mothballs?

Your life sucks!

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