Movie Quotes from Commitments, The: Quotes from the movie Commitments, The

1) hey! ginger! shut the fuck up! 2) just wanted to see could he play before I bought them.

1) They’re the Commitment-ettes
2) The Commitment-tits you mean!

1.he’s on a mission from god. 2.what? on a suzuki?

And I don’t mean those mushy shite love songs about I’ll hold your hand and love you till the end of time. I’m talking about riding; tongues,garters,boxers the works.

Bless me father for I have sinned. It’s been a month since my last confession. I’ve been with this band… there’s been a lot of cursing and blasphemy, and I’ve been neglecting my exams. And there’s these three girls with the band – I’ve had lustful thoughts about all of them. And when I studied, I used to sing hymns. Now I’m always humming When a Man Loves a Woman by Marvin Gaye.
Percy Sledge.
Percy Sledge did that particular song. I have the album.

Deco the bus conductor. is that top deco or bottom deco!

Destination: anywhere.

Father: You’ve got the wrong Rabbit! [slams door in kid’s face]
Kid: Can I have me paper back then?
Father **** off!

Father: You’ve got the wrong rabbit! [slams door in kid’s face]
Kid: Can I have me paper back, then?
Father: **** off!

FATHER: That’s fookn blasphemy, Elvis was’n a Cajun!

He said god sent him
God sent him? on a fookin Suzuki???

I’m black and I’m proud.

I’m black, and I’m proud.

I’ve just seen imelda quirkes a**se coming down a ladder!

is he shagging her too? he must be dipping his dick in steroids!

It’s Ride Sally Ride, not Riot Sally Riot

Jazz is musical wanking.

Mr.Rabbitt: Elvis is God!
Jimmy Rabbitt: I never pictured God with a fat gut in a corsett singin’ My Way at Ceasars Palace.

Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud!

The Irish are the blacks of Europe.

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