Movie Quotes from Cold Comfort Farm: Quotes from the movie Cold Comfort Farm

-Are you sure an embryo parson should have a plane?
-Everyone should have a plane!
-Really, Charles!

-Flora, darling, was the funeral too awful?
-Ooh, horrid! Though, I’m bound to say, all the London relatives seemed to enjoy it no end.
-Did any of them ask you to go and live with them? I meant to warn you, relatives at funerals always do that.
-Not me! I’ve only 100 pounds and I can’t play bridge.

-I want to be a writer. When I am 53, I mean to write a novel as good as Persuasion, but with a modern setting.
-Well how will you live the next 30 years?
-Living life… collecting material… surely no one can object to that.

-I’ve always liked the phrase, ‘a marriage has been arranged.’ When I feel like it, I’ll arrange one.

-Something to take to the country!
-Flowers come from the country, Charles.
-May I come with you to the station?
-Please do! I like to go off in style.

-What do you do, Charles?
-Embryo Parson, actually.
-Oh! Well. That really makes it awkward.

-What shall we do tonight? Are any of your admirers back from their jungles?
-You must see the new River Club! It’s ever so smart and select!

-What’s the farm like?
-The seeds wither and the earth will not nourish ’em. The cows are barren. The sows are farren. All is turned to ruin.
-Oh dear! Is there no money?
-T’aint money. There’s a curse on the place, Robert Post’s child. T’is the Starkadder’s doom!
-Well. I’m sure it’s not as bad as all that.

-You’ll probably want to take up some kind of work sometime, earn enough for a flat of your own.
-Work!? What kind of work?
-Oh, it’s ages since I did any, but there must be something that might suit you… bookkeeping… beekeeping?

Aunt Ada: I saw something nasty in the woodshed…
Mr. N: Sure you did baby, but did it see you?!?

Child, my man once did your father a great wrong. If you’ll come here, I’ll do my best to atone, but never ask what for, my lips are sealed.

Highly sexed young men living on farms are always called ‘Seth’ or ‘Ruben.’

It was winter. The grimmest hour of the darkest day of the year… The golden orb had almost disappeared behind the interlacing fingers of the hawthorne…

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