Movie Quotes from Coffee and Cigarettes: Quotes from the movie Coffee and Cigarettes

–Tom Waits: Look, i’m sorry i’m late, Jim. Boy, four car pile-up…I delivered a baby this morning at about 9 o’clock. I was saving lives, I was out there on the highway, it was…you know, there’s nothing worse than performing roadside surgery. You know, you don’t have your own tools, and it’s just, it’s..murder. I performed a tracheotomy with a ballpoint pen…
–Iggy Pop: Wait a minute, you’re a doctor?
–Tom Waits: Yeah, i’m a doctor. Music and medicine, really. It’s really been my the two and living in that place where they overlap…

are you a bug bill murray??

Joseph Rigano: Yes I smoke and I ain’t no quitter.

So I smoke, and I ain’t no quitter!

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