Movie Quotes from Cloak and Dagger: Quotes from the movie Cloak and Dagger

And when are we going to be given a billion dollars to wipe out cancer.

flack to lady ace come in lady ace this

flack to lady ace come in lady ace.

God have mercy on us if we haven’t the sense to keep the world at peace.

Heroes don’t just shoot people. They put supper on the table.

I can tell you one thing. If we were at war, I’d want him on my side.

It’s the Office of Stratigic Services. Around Washington we’re called the Cloak and Dagger boys.

Jack Flack always escapes.

The energy contained in this apple can destroy the world. And yet we cannot create one small apple.

There was a time when I thought I wanted to be some kind of secret agent. I gave it up when I was eight.

This is the first time I am sorry I am a scientist. Society is not ready for atomic energy. I’m scared stiff.

Well, Alvie, they are working on an atom bomb.

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