Movie Quotes from Clearing, The: Quotes from the movie Clearing, The

–Do you love me?
–Then I have everything I need.

–Now tell your wife you’re all right.
–Am I?

–Pepsi for breakfast?
–One of those bad habits.

I couldn’t imagine my life without her. That’s never changed.

I need to report a missing person.

It’s a household of disappointed people.

There is no cabin.

These guys waiting for us – have I done something to them?

We were here for each other.

Well, there are levels of deception, Arnold.

You’re good with names. You’re famous for it, you know? I read somebody can meet you once and you see them again ten years later, and you greet them as if you saw them every day of your life. That way, you manage to make each and every person feel important.

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