Movie Quotes from Circle of Friends: Quotes from the movie Circle of Friends

All right. I’ll touch it. But I won’t jiggle it about.

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

He could have anyone at all. Why would he look at me?

I could love you again, but I don’t think I want to.

I don’t care what the priests say. I think we should do as we feel.

I dont know why you let me go to university. It’s like taking to the top of the mountain and showing me the world then marching me back and saying ‘thats what you can’t have, Benny you silly, great, fat article. This is what you can’t have. Knockglen for the rest of your life and married to Sean bloody Walsh.’ I’d rather be married to a bloody lizard!!!

It’s a bit like sticking your finger up someone’s nose.

Jack Foley asked me to the college ball.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! I look like the prow of a ship!

no, it’s not an invitation, it was just a request for information

Shut your hole, you stupid article!

We’ll always be friends, no matter what

You mustn’t mess me about. I know I may look like a rhinosaurus but I’ve got quite a thin skin, really. So just be a bit careful with me…or I’ll flatten ya.

You really are a shitty article, you know that don’t ya?

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