Movie Quotes from Cinderella Man: Quotes from the movie Cinderella Man

–Little fresh air.
–Joe, this is Jersey.
–Yeah. Good point.

1-Listen to me, your legs are getting heavy. Your too slow, it’s over. 2- Just get me another fight Joe. 1-What’s done is done. 2-Not always. 1-I’m sorry Jimmy

In all the history of the boxing game you find no human interest story to compare with the life narrative of James J. Braddock… — Damon Runyon

All I got today are big spenders.

Don’t break my promise

Every time you get hit, feels like I’m getting hit too.

FDR ain’t given me my house back yet.

I didn’t always lose. I won’t always lose again. I can still fight.

I have three beautiful, trouble makin’ kids.

I married the man I love.

I need nine men and nine men only.

I’m all prayed out.

Id fight your wife for 250 bucks

It’s just one fight.

James Braddock: I’m sorry Joe, I’m sorry
Joe Gould: What in the hell do you have to be sorry for?

Mae, there’s still some juice in these legs and I can still take a few. Baby, please, just let me take them in the ring where at least I know who’s hitting me.

No boxing, period!

Ohhh where the hell have you been Jimmy Braddock

Pop pop bam!

She’s sure something, ain’t she?

Sometimes you see something in a fighter, you don’t even know if it’s real.

That’s a second chance.

We tried to break up these agitators, peaceful-like. But they charged us.

welcome to new york

You can’t break my promise.

You know me well enough to know that if I had anywhere else to go I wouldn’t be here

You know, Mae, I dreamed last night that I was having dinner at The Ritz. With Mickey Rooney and George Raft.

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