Movie Quotes from Cincinnati Kid, The: Quotes from the movie Cincinnati Kid, The

–Women are an universal problem.
–Can’t live with them and can’t live without them.

-Hey, why are you doing this? It can’t be for the money.
-Yeah, it’s for my kind of money, guts money. I want to see that smug
old bastard gutted. Gutted!
-Like he gutted you?
-Yes, that’s right. That’s right!

-How the hell did you know I didn’t have the king or the ace?
-I recollect a young man putting the same question to Eddie the Dude.
‘Son,’ Eddie told him, ‘all you paid was the looking price. Lessons
are extra.’

-Listen, Christian, after the game, I’ll be The Man. I’ll be the best there is. People will come and sit down at the table with you,
just so they can say they played with The Man. That’s what I’m gonna be, Christian.
-I know.

-Six stacks. Is that right, Shooter?
-Well, we’ve been playing thirty hours for it. At that rate, six thousand, that makes roughly, uh, $200 an hour. Thank you for the
entertainment, gentlemen. I am particularly grateful to Lancey here.
It’s been a rewarding experience to watch a great artist at work. Thank you for the privilege, sir.

-You call that an argument?
-No, that’s a fact. The argument’s leaning over there against the door jam.

Do you have to cheat at everything?

How the hell did you know I didn’t have a king or the ace?

How would you like to spend the rest of your life with the Shooter?

I don’t need marked cards to beat you, pal.

I hope you lose.

No fix.

Prosperity for everybody.

The kid’s got him.

There’s no limit.

You’re good, Kid. But as long as I’m around, you’ll always be second best!

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