Movie Quotes from Chipmunk Adventure, The: Quotes from the movie Chipmunk Adventure, The

-Were the hottest act in rock and roll. But you don’t have that problem do you?
-Sure we do!
-Ah-ha-ha-ha, no you don’t.
-All right Mr. Popularity! How much you wanna bet we can out rock and roll you?!


Alright Mr. Popularity!

ALVIN: Hey! What about my $100,000?!
BRITTNEY: YOUR 100,000?! WE won the race!
ALVIN: Oh yeah?!
DAVE: All right, you two, that’s enough. Get in the car. We’ve got a LOT of talking to do!
BOTH: Yes, Dave.

Alvin:C’mon Theadore!
Theadore:But, my Kukus!

Alvin:The only problem we’ve had is crowd control. But, you don’t have that problem do you? Jeanette: No!

David…I think you’re losing your marbles!

Eleanor:We would’ve been lost without you! Brittany:I know. Eleanor:(kisses the theadore doll)hahahaha, just kidding Britt!

honey you’re a sweet thing, and you look so fine all i ever wanted is to make you mine!

I don’t care how important he is! How famous he is! OR how rich he is!! Uhh…by the way, how rich uh, is he?

I will rule the world!

Let me unlock your heart boy, I think I’ve got the key

Like I said, in the trees!

Phone rings.Alvin:I’ll get it!Hello?Dave!We were just talking about you!Ms. Miller, it’s Dave and he wants to talk to you. Ms. Miller:Hello?(tape messes up, she checks her hearing aide)Simon:It’s not your hearing aide Ms. Miller. Ms.Miller:David, are you drunk?

Simon: Land the balloon by the fountain, Alvin…..***balloon crashes into the trees***
Simon: Like I said…in the trees.

Sun goes down, I’m just getting up. I’m headed for the city lights!

Theadore:(whispering)The Chipettes are winning! Alvin: I heard that!

THEODORE: Better get in, Simon!
SIMON: (sarcastically) Why didn’t I think of that?!

This happens to be my favorite dress, Jeanette!

Twerp! I love it, I love it… what is a twerp?

We’re off to see the world, we’re off to find things new.

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