Movie Quotes from Celtic Pride: Quotes from the movie Celtic Pride

Hey Louis, I heard Manute Bol’s BANGIN’ yer mom!!!!!!

Hey, Coach Kimball, youd better do what Louis Scott says. CUZ HE OWNS YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!

How bout’ you go back to Utah, and GET YOURSELF SOMMORE WIVES!!!!!!!!!

I am sick and tiyad of ya bullshit!

I love the Celtics!

If Louis Scott ever lets you take a shot, youd probably wet your friggin pants!!!!!

Well get out the tissues and some WD-40, ‘cuz i got stories yo.

Yeah,well Jimmy wouldn’t be talking to Lewis Scott like that if he didn’t have a gun,’cause Lewis Scott would pulvurize his big,fat frumpy ass.

You guys are so bad, Nike should take away your shoes!!!

You’re sick.

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