Movie Quotes from Cats and Dogs: Quotes from the movie Cats and Dogs

(1)one time i read in a comic book!(2)uhh da da da i read in a comic book, U MAKE ME SICK!

1) Dogs will quiver in fear at the sound of my name!!!! 2) Oh, Mr. Tiiiinkles!!!

1) I have just one question. 2) Yeah? 1) What’s ancient Egypt?

1) i want you to stay here 2) why? 3) because i hate you

1) I want you to stay here. 2) Why? 1) Because I hate you

1) I want you to stay here. 2) Why? 1) Because I hate you. 2) HELLLLLPPPPPPP!! Help! Help!

1) I’m leaving you here
2) Why?
3) Because I HATE YOU!

1) I’m on to you, kitty. You’re in big trouble. 2) I think not, baby puppy. It is you who is in trouble.

1) That’s why my family didn’t love me, Butch! 2) We all have our sob stories. Now he has his.

1) You put up with that boojie-boojie baby talk crap, and for what? For being dumped off with an old lady who can’t throw a ball without so much as breaking her hip! 2) So that’s it? You’re gonna blame my family for something some boy did to you?

1)I cant see! There seems to be a fog. 2) Sam? Its your hair! Blow Up!

Butch: What kind of stupid name did the bipeds saddle you with? Spot, Fifi, Rover? Lou: Lou. Butch: God forbid.

Butch With Humans back on top, we just took our natural place at their side. Lou: And the people just forgot? Peek: Well, you have to remember they are a very primitive species. They can’t detect earthquakes, can’t smell fear. Heck, they can’t even take responsibility for their own farts.

Lou: I think that if I’m going to be a secret agent, I should have a better name. I was thinking: ‘Toto-Anhilliation’. Peek: Nah, he’s a pro-wrestler. Sorry that name’s taken.

Lou: See you puppies later!

Lou: Stray? Cool, I’ve never met a Stray. Ivy: Actually, I prefer ‘domestically challenged.’

Mr. Tinkles: (Pretending to be Mr. Mason) Good morning Human guard. Let us in. That is all.

Mr. Tinkles: (Pretending to be Mr. Mason) Yes that’s me, you’re employer Mr. Mason. Not an evil cat bent on taking over the world. Out of my way.

Mr. Tinkles: (Pretending to be Mr. Mason) You have no-one to blame but yourselves. Unless of course you have a dog, then you can blame him. In fact, you know what, kick him when you get home. (chuckles) That is all.

Mr. Tinkles: Ah, putting a happy face on things, I see. What an interesting philosophy. At what point did you forget that WE ARE TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!?

Mr. Tinkles: Evil does not wear a bonnet!

Mr. Tinkles: I wan’t you to stay here. Calico: Why? Mr. Tinkles: Because I hate you.

Mr. Tinkles: I’m sure you’re all asking ‘How could he possibly spread the allergy to the world?’ So, if you open you’re World Domination pamphlets to page three, I will show you.

Mr. Tinkles: Stand still, I need to crush you.

Mr. Tinkles: What’s the matter, Large Marge. Cat got you’re tongue? Boo! Oh my, a talking cat. Scary, isn’t it?

Mrs. Brody: We’ll call you ‘Lou’- Scotty: -Ser.

Scotty: Loser. Lou: Cat person.

And your reward? 16 pounds of montery jack and the continent of Austrailia.

Attention, employees. This is your employer Mr. Mason. As of now, you are all fired! Do not ask why. You have no one to blame but yourselves. Oh, unless you have a dog, you can blame him. As a matter of fact, give him a kick when you get home! Cats rule!

Back from your journey so soon, Scooby-doofus?

Bad…talking cat!

Beagle: And the people just forgot?
Chinese Crested: Well, you have to remember, they’re a very primitive species; they can’t sense earthquakes, can’t smell fear… heck, they can’t even take responsibility for their own farts!
[ sheepdog breaks wind ]
Chinese Crested: GROSS!
Sheepdog: [laughs nervously] GUILTY!

Cats rule!

Cold nose! Cold nose!

Darn it, Scottie, don’t be scared! I am your rock!

Don’t wet the paper just yet.

Evil does not wear a BONNET!!!!

He should take an anger-management class!

How about ‘Toto-anialation’?

How am I supposed to gloat gleefully when you’re driving like a chimpanzee?

How am I supposed to talk deeply when you’re driving like a chimpanzee!?

Quick, retreat with honour!

Humans…quick smell my ass!

I cannot believe I do this job for half price. And this Tinkles! He is Jerk! He talk too much, and he shed all over.

i kid i kid

i think not baby puppy

I think not, baby puppy. It is you who is in trouble.

Is the game afoot?

It’s an experiment gone awry! YOU’RE TURNING BLUE!!

Nyah,nyah,nyah,nyah,nyah! Answer this: How many dogs does it take to ruin all they’ve worked for? Jut one stupid little puppy!

Oh and tell *name* that *name* is back in town.

Please remember to scoop your poop.

Remember how I used to call you ‘lamb chop’? And then you would call me ‘liver snap’?

Som of my mom!

Sophie: Now you can look just like me!
Tinkles: No, I think not, Sophie. *upon her shocked reaction* What’s the matter, Large Marge? Cat got your tongue? *Upon her other reaction*..Oh no, a talking cat. Scary, isn’t it?
Sohpie: *falls over in a dead faint*
Tinkles: Lock her in the closet!!

Stand still! I need to crush you!

That steamer was bigger than me!!

This isn’t NASCAR, you idiot!


You a stinky kitty!

You fight like a poodle!

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