Movie Quotes from Cat in the Hat, The: Quotes from the movie Cat in the Hat, The

*Singing* Im sending Conrad awaayyyyyyyyyy

…CHOCO-THUNDA!!!!!!…or Ben

1-Suzy. Cromwell. Please. 2-OUT! 1-(sniffle) hey… 2-OUT! (crash)

Indoor stair luge?

Alright Nevans…time to die!

Alright Nevins…Time to die!

Are you telling me that you pay this women to sit on babies? i’d do it for free!

But I will happily hold your Canine-American.

Cat: Dirty ho.

Cat: When a mommy cat and a daddy cat really love each other, they decide…

City Morgue!

City Moruge

Come on kids! You gonna listen to him? He drinks where he pees

Dirty hoe! I’m sorry baby. I love you. hmm.

excuse me sir i’d like to to sign my petition..yeah
get out of my way you hippie freak
are u aware of the senseless wholesale slaughter of the flatulating acid-spitting zumzizeroo..yeah
what will it take to get you out of my face?
just sign my petition
with this large oversized pen that requires 2 hands
i see..
will you hold my dog?
ok i have a problem with the world dog…
i don’t use the d word per se cause i think it’s really really wrong
yeah, but i would happily hold your canine american yeah
i’m more comfortable with that really yeah..
how much is that canine american in the window…
cat…come on!

Get out of my way you hippie freak!

He says you may feel free to call him Thing A if you like. He will also accept Super Thing, Thing King, Kid Dynamite, Chocolate-Thunda… or Ben.

Here she is the Super Luxurious Omnidirectional Whatchamajigger, or S.L.O.W. for short!

hey every body and welcome to amazing products, im the guy in the sweater that asks all the obvious questions. now hear with his amazing product, all the way from cheshier england its…ME hello! do you like making cupcakes but hate all the cupcake work? well forgettabout everything you know about making cupcakes and say hello to the ‘cupcake-inator’ IM SO EXCITED!..a cupcake a what? the ‘cupcake-inator’ you can make cupcakes out of anything,…now wait a tick, did you just say anything?…yeah anything…anything…yes anything…anything…anything…anything…illget you, and it will look likr a bloody accident!…now lets put in a carton of eggs, a package of hot dogs, katsup, and i know what your thinking, even a fire extinguisher, open the tray, poor the mix into the tray close it place it in the conventional oven and bobs your fliping uncle, wow thats amazing, yes and your muffins are just minuets away,…did you just say minuets away?…THATS IMPOSIBLE…not only is it imposible but your stupid,…what…and your ugly, just like your mom, now wait a minuet di you just cal my mother ugly…i mean it i wil;l end you!

I knew that milk would come back to haunt me!

I think there is something wrong with your brakes. When is the last time you had them checked?

I’ll get you and make it look like a bloddy accident

I’m the — in the —, there’s no doubt about that, I’m a super-fun-diferous feline…who’s here to make sure that you’re…Meeline? Keylime? Turpentine? I got nothin’. I’m not so good with the rhyming. Not really no.

If this were my house, I’d be furious

Let’s go Chocolate-Thunda!

Let’s take a look under the hood

Live alone, die alone.. yeah

Look I’m a girl.

Mekka dekka license, appa registration.

Oh my cod!

Oh them.. they’re magical time traveling elves! Yeah magical

Oh Yeah!!

The Cat: Why I’m the Cat in the Hat. There’s no doubt about that.

There is a third option, it involves murder

There was this cat I knew back home where I was bread
He never did a single thing his mother said
He never used a little box, he made a mess in the hall
Thats why they sent him to a vet to cut of both his ba…ba…BOY!

They sent him to a vet to cut off both his ba…ba…ba…Boy, that wasn’t fun, fun, fun! He never learned you can have fun, fun, fun. But less is more. They may ship you off to school, so rein it in a little! YOu can’t spell fun without U in the middle! Human, this cat is currently in violation of…17 of your mother’s rules. City morgue! Eighteen!

This is where they buried my brother


You stupid Hoe….awww baby im sorry, i love you..

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