Movie Quotes from Casual Sex?: Quotes from the movie Casual Sex?

‘Safe sex’ – who would have ever thought those two words would exist in the same sentence?

1) Look, it’s like this. It’s Christmas Day, I’m sitting around my house, right, I’m all alone… so, uh, I hop in the limo… 24 hours later, I wind up in Chicago. And I say to myself, Vincent, where the hell you going? That’s when it hits me… I’m coming to see you.
2) You drove all that way just to see me?
3) Hey, only 4 days and, what, 18 speeding tickets.

It was the early eighties, and sex was still a good way to meet new people.

Its not you, its me. Im just not attracted to you.

Its not you, its me…im just not attacted to you.

These are not really my hips. They are a cruel joke that runs in my family.


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